West Virginia is one of the states that is a member of the New England Alliance at the start of the game. It appears exclusively within the Ohio Valley territory, but is mentioned by the European Union's faction description as having some of its land held by the EU.

History Edit

Originally part of the British colony of Virginia, then the Commonwealth of Virginia, West Virginia's residents had disagreements with the Virginia government over the years. Consisting entirely of rural counties set in the Appalachian Mountains, the inhabitants of what became West Virginia came to feel that the government in Richmond did not care about them or represent their interests. When Virginia seceded from the United States to join the Confederate States of America in 1861, many of its western counties disagreed with the decision. In 1863, they were admitted to the United States as West Virginia.

In 2013-2014, when the United States collapsed amidst rising separatist sentiment and domestic unrest, West Virginia sided with the pro-Union New England Alliance. Part of it, to the east, was occupied by the European Union's peacekeeping force, but most of the state, including the state capitol in Charleston, remained part of the NEA.

Features Edit

Cities and Towns: Charleston, Morgantown, Parkersburg, Wheeling

Behind the Scenes Edit

  • West Virginia is not Virginia.
  • West Virginia plays a minor role in the game, with only its western half even showing up in one territory. It features no major industrial centers, military bases, or other features of particular interest to a faction, and only Charleston may be present as an objective depending on the direction the attacker is coming from, and even then, only for a small number of points.
  • The strategic map at the start of the game shows West Virginia is divided among three factions. The NEA controls most of it, particularly to the north and northwest. The European Union controls the Eastern Panhandle area of the state. And to the south, in the area of McDowell County and Mercer County, a small section of West Virginia is part of The Confederacy.

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