Territories are the contested areas of the former United States that the various factions are trying to gain control of. There are a total of 24 territories in the continental former United States, with the additional territory of Alaska being featured when the player faction confronts the Russians at the end of the game's campaign.

Campaign Territories Edit

At the start of the game, the 24 territories are divided as follows among the 7 factions:

  • California Commonwealth: Arizona Territory, Great Basin, Northern California, Southern California
  • The Confederacy: The Carolinas, The Cumberlands, Greater Florida, Mississippi Delta States
  • European Union: Eastern Shenandoah
  • The Great Plains Federation: Central Heartland, The Dakotas, Great Lakes Territory, Great Plains
  • New England Alliance: Northern New England, New York, Ohio Valley Territory
  • Pacifica: Arcadian Plains, Southeastern Arcadia, Central Cascades, Northern Cascades
  • Republic of Texas: New Mexico Territory, Oklahoma Grasslands, Northern Texas, Southern Texas