A Tank is a self-propelled armored fighting vehicle, used primarily to attack other enemy vehicles, but also capable of engaging enemy infantry. In "Shattered Union", tanks appear primarily as Heavy and Medium armor vehicles, while armored personnel carriers are the Light armor.

Heavy Armor unitsEdit

  • US factions: Abrams, M60
  • California Commonwealth: FCS Jackson
  • The Confederacy: FCS Lee
  • European Union: EU Goliath, Leopard 2, Challenger 1
  • Great Plains Federation: FSC Grant
  • New England Alliance: FCS Bragg
  • Pacifica: FCS Stuart
  • Republic of Texas: FCS Hood
  • Russian Federation: T-90, T-55

Medium Armor unitsEdit

  • US factions: Sheridan, M8
  • European Union: AMX-30