Southern California is one of four starting territories belonging to the California Commonwealth, and one of two territories into which the former American state of California is divided.

Features Edit

  • Cities and Towns: Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Burbank, Riverside, Bakersfield (4 hexes), Oceanside (2 hexes), San Diego (21 hexes), Irvine (2 hexes), Avalon (1 hex), Oxnard (1 hex), Ventura (2 hexes), Thousand Oaks (5 hexes), Santa Clarita (1 hex)
  • Largest City: Los Angeles (51 hexes)
  • Military Bases: Edwards AFB (4 hexes), Twentynine Palms Marine Corp Base (2 hexes)
  • Landmarks: Hollywood Sign
  • Geographic Features: Mojava Desert, California Aqueduct, Owens River, Kern River, San Clemente Island, Santa Catalina Island, Pacific Ocean
  • Roads and Highways: I-10, I-15, I-40

Behind the Scenes Edit

  • Edwards AFB and Twentynine Palms do not actually count as military bases in terms of the randomly-generated feature, which appears as a one-hex generic military installation, although a military base feature can appear near them or within the hexes they occupy.
  • Southern California in real-life has one of the highest concentrations of active, reserve, and former military personnel in the United States, and numerous military bases besides Edwards and Twentynine Palms.