The Smerch.

The Smerch is the Russian Federation's sole Artillery unit in the game. It has the highest collateral damage of any unit in the game at 30.


  • Unit Type: Artillery
  • Availability: Russia
  • Cost: $45,000
  • Anti-Infantry Attack: 20
  • Anti-Vehicle Attack: 16
  • Anti-Aircraft Attack: 0
  • Defense Rating: 3
  • Hit Points: 16
  • Collateral Damage: 30
  • Sight Range: 1
  • Target Range: 5
  • Movement Range per turn: 5
  • Fuel Supply: 40


The Smerch is one of the most powerful artillery systems in the entire game. Poorly armored, with a defense rating of just 3, and nearly blind with a sight range of 1, the Smerch depends heavily on other friendly units to spot its targets and keep them from getting too close. Designed to fire at targets miles away, the Smerch will be swiftly destroyed if attacked directly, especially if enemy tanks or aircraft are present.

With a collateral damage rating of 30, the Smerch is the most destructive unit in the game. While it can do serious damage, especially if used in a battery of 2-4 or more, the Smerch can lay waste to buildings and infrastructure like nothing else in the game can. It is best suited to firing at targets in the open countryside, like Alaska, where it makes its sole appearance in the campaign with the Russian occupation forces.

The Smerch requires considerable support to be kept safely in the fight, but its long target range of 5 means it can stay as far to the rear as any ground unit in the game, making it easier for allied units to protect it and harder for hostile units to get close enough to fire at it.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • The Smerch is the BM-30 Smerch, a Russian self-propelled rocket artillery system first put into service with the Soviet Army in 1989. It has since been passed on to successor states, namely the Russian Federation. "Smerch" is a romanization of a Russian word meaning "Whirlwind".
  • The Smerch is one of two rocket artillery units in the game, the other being the MERL.