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Shattered Union

               Readme File - 13 September 2005
                              Version 1.00

Getting Started - TipsEdit

Follow the installation instructions below (if you haven't already installed the game).

Once in the game, we strongly recommend you watch the tutorials, whether you're an experienced gamer or a novice - the tutorials quickly teach you the basic premises of the game, which can be rather different from many other games you might already be familiar with.

When you're ready to start a fresh game from scratch, we recommend you start with a skirmish map. If you get defeated quickly, you might want to try a new scenario with the AI set to the beginner level, a lot of money (at least $4 Million), and set yourself as the defending player. This will let you get a good feel for how many of the game units work with each other and how the objective system works.

Finally, once you feel pretty confident, go ahead and tackle the campaign mode of the game. Setting the difficulty of the campaign will do more then just determine how smart the AI plays, but directly effects how often you can be attacked in a campaign turn. Easy means you will only be attacked once, Medium you can be attacked three times, and on Hard there is no imposed limit. Campaigns can be long and drawn out, so we don’t recommend trying to tackle one before you’ve played a skirmish.


Insert the Shattered Union Installation CD into your CD/DVD drive. Follow the onscreen instructions to install the game on your computer.

If for some reason the installation screen doesn't appear or if you have CD/DVD Autoplay disabled, double-click on 'My Computer', then locate and double-click on the icon for your CD/DVD drive. Double-click on "SETUP.EXE" (in the root of the CD) to begin the installation process.

A) WindowsMEEdit

– ME Users MUST Follow the below instructions to install the game!

Installing Shattered Union on WindowsME machines requires some additional steps beyond the basic install. To properly install the game on ME, BEFORE you begin the installation insert Disc 2 into your CD/DVD-ROM drive. Using Windows Explorer, or My Computer->Right click CD/DVD-ROM drive->Choose explore, view the contents of the disc. You want to COPY (you may or may not see .cab) onto your Hard Drive (Right click and choose Copy, then create a new folder or find an existing one and Paste it there). Once has been copied to your Hard Drive, insert Disc 1 and proceed with the installation. When the install asks you to please insert Disc 2 to continue, click the Browse button, and then select the FOLDER where you placed and click OK. The installation should continue on without any problems. Once the game is done installing, you may delete the file from your Hard Drive.

System RequirementsEdit

 OS: Windows 98SE/2000/ME/XP
 CPU: Pentium III 800 MHz OR AMD Equivalent
 RAM: 128 MB
 Disk Space: 1.5 GB 
 Video Card: 128 MB RAM that supports Vertex and Pixel Shading of 1.4 or higher 
 Direct X: 9.0b or later

To ensure compatibility and best performance, Windows users should download all current updates for their current OS and ensure they are running the latest service pack. DirectX 9.0c is also recommended for best performance. As always, the latest video card drivers and sound drivers should be downloaded and installed.


Shattered Union has set hotkeys that can be used while playing the game to make performing some actions easier. Below is a list of all the hot keys assigned in the game.

  • Toggle Attack Mode = Tab
  • ShowObjectiveOverlay = O
  • Hex Grid Overlay (Toggle On/Off) = G
  • Chat Text Entry = Space
  • Deselect = Backspace
  • Select previous unit for deployment = [
  • Select next unit for deployment = ]
  • Settings Menu = F6
  • Save game = F7
  • Load game = F8
  • Toggle Full Screen = F9
  • Decrease Video Resolution = F11
  • Increase Video Resolution = F12
  • Toggle Free/Locked Camera = Scroll Lock
  • Take Screen Shot = Print Screen
  • Hide trees - no stumps (Toggle) = SHIFT+H
  • Toggle Framerate = /
  • Camera Forward = Up Arrow
  • Camera Backward = Down Arrow
  • Camera Left = Left Arrow
  • Camera Right = Right Arrow
  • Camera Zoom In = SHIFT+Up Arrow
  • Camera Zoom Out = SHIFT+Down Arrow
  • Camera Rotate Left = SHIFT+Left Arrow
  • Camera Rotate Right = SHIFT+Right Arrow
  • Select Camera View 1 = 1
  • Assign Camera View 1 = SHIFT+1
  • Select Camera View 2 = 2
  • Assign Camera View 2 = SHIFT+2
  • Select Camera View 3 = 3
  • Assign Camera View 3 = SHIFT+3
  • Select Camera View 4 = 4
  • Assign Camera View 4 = SHIFT+4
  • Select Camera View 5 = 5
  • Assign Camera View 5 = SHIFT+5
  • Select Camera View 6 = 6
  • Assign Camera View 6 = SHIFT+6
  • Select Camera View 7 = 7
  • Assign Camera View 7 = SHIFT+7
  • Select Camera View 8 = 8
  • Assign Camera View 8 = SHIFT+8
  • Select Camera View 9 = 9
  • Assign Camera View 9 = SHIFT+9
  • Select Camera View 0 = 0
  • Assign Camera View 0 = SHIFT+0


While everything that you need to know to play the game is included in the manual, there is always some useful information that winds up needing to be cut. Here are two major points of reference that you could find useful while playing the game that are not included in the manual.

A) Terrain ModifiersEdit

Terrain modifiers exist in the game to provide units an altered defense for moving into hexes that provide or lack cover. Below is a list of all the terrain bonuses present in the game. It’s important to note that infantry have a separate line because they receive a different terrain modifier than the rest of the other units. Flying units never suffer or receive a terrain modifier.

Terrain Vehicles Infantry Road = -1 -1 Clear = 0 -1 Forest = +1 +3 Swamp = -1 +1 Field = 0 0 City = +1 +5 River = -6 -2

B) Special PowersEdit

Special powers are again mentioned in the manual, and while some of the fun of our game is discovering what all these special powers do, there is no list for reference as to what factions have what special powers. Below you will find a list that will tell you what the entire faction tree each for each of the 7 major factions and for Russia. The powers are listed from evil to good.

New England AllianceEdit

The ConfederacyEdit

Great Plains FederationEdit

The Republic of TexasEdit


California CommonwealthEdit

European UnionEdit



A) PerformanceEdit

The three most important factors in determining how smoothly Shattered Union plays are your CPU, RAM, and Video Card. Shattered Union is playable with the minimum specifications listed above, but plays more smoothly the faster your CPU is, the more system RAM you have, and the more Video RAM your video card has. In general, Shattered Union detects your machines specifications and adjusts certain game parameters accordingly. If you wish to tweak things yourself, bring up the settings window (press <F6> in the game world).

If the game is running slow, try turning down the options in the 'graphics' tab. Resolution has a large impact on the play speed of the game, and the lower it is the faster the game will run. Full Screen mode is faster than windowed mode. If the game continues to run slow, try turning down both draw distance and particles before changing the others. The other settings can be lowered as well if problems persist, as the higher any of them are the slower the game will run.

Also, you are strongly encouraged to shut down other applications before launching Shattered Union - other applications can drain resources and slow the overall system down.

B) Crashes involving screen-savers, automatic power-downs, task switching.Edit

Crashes can sometimes result when:

  i.   A screen-saver saver kicks in
  ii.  When your system automatically powers-down after a period of 
       inactivity (as some newer computers are automatically set to do)
  iii. When you task-switch to other applications (by clicking on them on your
       Windows taskbar or by pressing alt-tab.)

In general, Shattered Union can handle all of the above properly but, depending on your system, can crash or hang if you attempt any of the above while in Full Screen mode. You are encouraged to either avoid the above activities (by disabling your screen-saver and/or auto power-down, if necessary), or to run Shattered Union windowed mode if attempting any of these activities results in a crash while in Full Screen mode.

C) Video, CompatibilityEdit

You must have a video card with at least 128MB of Video RAM that supports Vertex and Pixel Shaders v1.4 or higher to play Shattered Union. Certain older video cards with 64MB of Video RAM that support Vertex and Pixel Shaders v1.4 may be able to run the game, but may have drastic video artifacts that make the game unplayable.

Cards and/or chipsets that have been successfully tested on Shattered Union (with 128 MB of video RAM or more), include:

PNY GeForce 4 Verto MSI GeForce 4 Titanium 4200 Chaintech GeForce FX5200 GeForce FX5600 GeForce FX5700LE 256MB Chaintech GeForce PCX5700 (PCIe) e-Geforce FX 5700le 256MB GeForceFX 5800 ASUS V9900 LeadtekWinFast A380 GeForce FX 5950 Ultra nVidia GeForceFX 6800 (PCIe) 256MB nVidia GeForceFX 6800 GT ATI Radeon 9500 ATI Radeon 9550 256MB ATI Sapphire Radeon 9800 ATI Radeon 9800XT Saphire ATI X300SE (PCIe) 128MB

To ensure compatibility and optimal performance, be sure to download and install the latest drivers for your video card.

D) Sound, CompatibilityEdit

Shattered Union has been tested and proven compliant on several integrated sound chips as well as the line of Sound Blaster and Turtle Beach sound cards. Issues did arise whenever the latest drivers for third party sound cards were not used. None of these issues made the game unplayable, but they altered sounds and can make some things hard to hear, or far too loud. If you use any Sound Blaster or Turtle Beach sound card please make sure you update your drivers to the latest ones available. This should solve any sound issues that you run into.

E) NetworkingEdit

Make sure that any firewall or security software you have is allowing Shattered Union unrestricted access to the Internet. Poptop Software is unable to assist with the configuration of firewalls, routers, or network configurations beyond what is included within this text file. Make sure you have the following ports open for gaming.

  • 4000
  • 4001
  • 4002
  • 4003
  • 6500
  • 9000

Technical SupportEdit

Please refer to your game manual for technical support information.

You can also go to for more information.