A Paladin in New England Alliance service.

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  • Unit Type: Artillery
  • Availability: US factions
  • Cost: $38,000
  • Anti-Infantry Attack: 14
  • Anti-Vehicle Attack: 13
  • Anti-Aircraft Attack: 0
  • Defense Rating: 4
  • Hit Points: 18
  • Collateral Damage: 14
  • Sight Range: 2
  • Target Range: 4
  • Movement Range per turn: 5
  • Fuel Supply: 40


The Paladin is a solid, well-designed self-propelled artillery piece. It requires battery fire- 2 or more Paladins- to really be effective, but can do some damage even with one unit. It is incapable of defending itself against aircraft or helicopters, and so it must be protected by anti-air units or fighters at all times.

Like the MERL, the Paladin's armor is too thin to enable it to survive in a close-up firefight. The Paladin is designed to be kept well to the rear, and depends on other units to spot targets for it, and to protect it from attack. The Paladin's firing range of 4 is double that of a standard Heavy Armor unit, but any such unit can close that gap quite rapidly, meaning that the Paladin will likely need Heavy or Medium Armor units dedicated to protecting it if it is to survive in combat.

The Paladin's movement rate of 5 means it can keep pace with most FCS units and the M60, while the Abrams is faster at a movement rate of 6. The Paladin's collateral damage rating of 14 is the second-lowest of any artillery unit in the game, second only to the Crusader.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • The Paladin takes its name from the real-life M109A6 "Paladin", a self-propelled armored howitzer whose earliest variation entered American military service in the 1960s. It uses a 155mm cannon and has an effective firing range of 11 miles.