Pacifica is a faction. It is 6th out of 7 in the order of movement for each turn in the campaign. It is one of the factions that formed following the secession of California and Texas, and one of the least enthusiastic about the breakup of the United States. This can be gathered from its especially antagonistic relationship with the neighboring California Commonwealth- militia from that faction forcing San Francisco refugees from their homes are what caused Pacifica's creation. Pacifica is a defensive alliance, but one with excellent grasp of technology, and the unusually-low collateral damage caused by the weapons of the FCS Stuart heavy tank unique to Pacifica is evidence of this. The FCS Stuart is one of several unique faction-created heavy tanks that are named after Confederate generals from the last American Civil War.

Pacifica exists in the Pacific northwest of the former U.S. at the start of the game, and is one of three factions to share a border with Canada. The nature of Pacifica as a defensive union of states has colored its members' typical view of the war and made them unenthusiastic about the fighting, even if they are forced to participate in it.

In-game description:

"Pacifica, made up of the former states of Washington, Oregon, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming and Colorado. The Pacifica faction came into being as a last resort when refugees from San Francisco were forced from their homes by Californian militia. With nowhere else to turn, the region was forced to form a defensive pact. Often classified as "tree-hugging technophiles with a weak grasp of reality". The reality however, is that Pacificans see the war as a fight against aggression."


Pacifica starts with the Arcadian Plains, Southeastern Arcadia, and both the Central and Northern Cascades.

Units Edit

Pacifica starts with and is able to manufacture an array of former U.S. military units. Pacifican units are green on-map. Units available to Pacifica are:

FCS Stuart, Abrams, M60, JSF, Super Hornet, Stealth Bomber, A-10 Thunderbolt, Crusader, MERL, Paladin, Big Tom, Humvee, Striker, Bradley, LAV, Sheridan, M8, Defense Tower, Avenger, Vulcan, Warrior, Super Cobra, Apache, Militia, Engineers, Commandos, Bunker, Partisan NW, and 155mm M777.

Special Ability UnbalanceEdit

Pacifica's spy satellite and other special abilities gives them as an AI faction the ability to hold out against other AI factions better then all others in comparison. For example, California Commonwealth can control more then half the former U.S. while Pacifica is cornered in Northern Cascades and the latter could still defeat the former. Anyone playing as the EU or other East Coast faction will almost always see Pacifica as the last AI country standing.

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