Heavy Infantry

Confederate Heavy Infantry

Heavy Infantry units are the primary infantry units of all factions. They are much better equipped for combat than Light Infantry, but are over 3 times as expensive. In exchange for the price, they can be used multiple times in the campaign, earn veterancy, and can also fight light vehicles. Heavy Infantry are the only infantry units with both a ranged attack and an anti-air attack, though they are less powerful against ground targets, particularly infantry, in comparison to the Commandos.

For U.S. factions, they are known as Heavy Infantry.

For the European Union, they are known as EU Heavy Infantry

For Russia, they are known as Guards Infantry.

Unit Type Infantry
Health 15
Anti-Infantry Attack 6
Anti-Vehicle Attack 13
Anti-Air Attack 9
Attack Range 2
Movement Range 3
Sight Range 3
Armor 3
Cost 10,000