Template:Redirect The Great Plains Federation is a faction in Shattered Union. It is 3rd out of 7 for the order of movement for each turn in the campaign. When the GPF was formed is unspecified, but it would have been after California and Texas seceded since they were first and second respectively. The Great Plains Federation controls a generous amount of land due to the size of its former member states, and holds some of the former U.S's most significant industrial cities and farmland. It shares a border with the New England Alliance, the Confederacy, the Republic of Texas, Pacifica,and the California Commonwealth. The only faction it does not have a border with at the start of the game is the European Union's single territory.

The Great Plains Federation is highly vulnerable to attack at the start of the game, being centrally-located and with more borders with other factions than any other in the game. It is also one of three factions in the game to share a border with Canada, the other two being Pacifica and the New England Alliance.

Only the Great Plains Federation chooses to create a massive self-propelled field artillery piece, the FCS Grant, as its faction-unique heavy tank. It is named after a Union Army war hero from the previous American Civil War, General Ulysses S. Grant. Grant was born in Point Pleasant, Ohio, which is part of the area of Ohio that joins the Great Plains Federation, while the rest is part of the New England Alliance's Ohio Valley territory. The FCS Grant is a slow-moving but well-armored machine that fires a powerful mortar at its targets, and like all other field artillery units, it cannot fire at a target in an adjacent hex space. The FCS Grant is the only faction-unique heavy tank in the game to be named after a Union general; the other American factions all named their heavy tanks after Confederate generals from the last American Civil War.

In-game description:

"The Great Plains Federation is made up of all, or parts of the former states of Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Missouri, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, and North Dakota. Midwesterners are usually seen as ultra conservative, dirt farmers with a stubborn streak a mile wide. Members of the Federation are still generally more tolerated and tolerant than any other faction, as they often are familiar with or were previous members of some other faction."


The Great Plains Federation starts with the Central Heartland, the Dakotas, the Great Lakes Territory, and the Great Plains.

Units Edit

The Great Plains Federation starts with and is able to manufacture an array of former American military units. GPF units appear on-map with a yellow coloring to them, and include:

FCS Grant, Abrams, M60, JSF, Super Hornet, Stealth Bomber, A-10 Thunderbolt, Crusader, MERL, Paladin, Big Tom, Humvee, Striker, Bradley, LAV, Sheridan, M8, Defense Tower, Avenger, Vulcan, Warrior, Super Cobra, Apache, Militia, Engineers, Commandos, Bunker, Partisan NC, and 155mm M777.

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