The European Union is a faction in Shattered Union. It is one of two non-American factions in the game, and the only one that is playable in the campaign- the other is Russia, which is playable in the multiplayer. The European Union is the only faction with the explicitly-stated goal of restoring the United States, though the only way it can do this is through the use of military force. The EU does not field a single one of the units used by the other factions, apart from basic common units like single-use units and infantry.

The European Union's peacekeeping force, sent to North America to restore the Union and rebuild the United States, has a long, hard road to travel. To succeed, a player selecting it will have to defend the one territory the EU begins the campaign with at all costs- defeat in even one battle, so long as the EU holds only the Eastern Shenandoah, means defeat in the game. The EU, for other playable factions, is an enemy that can potentially be eliminated very swiftly- an opportunity they will try to take advantage of. The EU's peacekeepers are unwelcome in the former United States and have been charged with ending a massive civil war and reuniting a country with considerable separatist sentiment- a highly daunting task. Nevertheless, it is possible for the European Union's force in North America to succeed completely in its goals under the player, even winning over the American people and earning great respect and trust if the player ends the game with a high political reputation. Despite this, the ending cinematics possible for a EU campaign are no different from those for the American factions.
Flag of European Union

EU Flag

EU Desktop1600

European forces engaging American forces

In-game description: "The European Union peacekeeping force currently resides in a single territory made up of the former states of Maryland, Delaware and parts of Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. After open hostilities broke out, the war compounded the growing instability in the world due to the loss of such a large and prolific market. The EU voted to re-establish the union of states to prevent the spreading chaos. American resentment has grown since the EU decided to expand its role in the war."


The European Union starts off with just the Eastern Shenandoah. It borders New England's New York and Ohio Valley to the north and east respectively, and The Confederacy's Carolinas to the south.


The European Union has come a long way from its home territory and the member nations that have contributed have sent some of Europe's most advanced military technology. Apart from basic common units like infantry, commandos, and single-use units, the EU's forces are all unique from those of the American factions. From the origins and users of the units sent and available to the peacekeepers in the former United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, Italy, Slovakia, and Poland are all potential or definite contributors. The European Union's available units are:

EU Bunker, Air Defence Tower, FH 105, FH 155, Peacekeepers, EU Heavy Infantry, EU Commandos, Sappers, AMX 30, Vextra, Challenger 1, Leopard 2, EU Goliath, Gepard, Tridon, PzH 2000, Zuzana, Marder, Pandur, VBL 1, Mangusta, Tiger, Tornado, Typhoon, LA4 Nimrod, and Airfield.

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