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An EU Goliath

EU Goliath

An EU Goliath in Arlington, Virgina

The EU Goliath (A.K.A. FCS Mineplow) is the strongest Heavy Armor vehicle available to European Union forces. It has extreme firepower and armor, but is somewhat slow and expensive compared to other tanks. It is best against other tanks, and it can eliminate infantry easily, but airstrikes and helicopter units can take them out more effectively. For the most part, EU Goliaths are equal to the U.S. FCS units.
EU Goliath Statistics
Unit Type FCS Heavy Armor
Health 23

Anti-Infantry Attack

Anti-Vehicle Attack 18
Anti-Air Attack 6
Attack Range 2
Movement Range 5
Fuel Supply 35
Sight Range 2
Armor 13
Cost 51,000

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