The Challenger 1 is one of three heavy armor units available to the European Union. It is an older and less powerful tank than the EU Goliath and the Leopard 2, but has a faster movement rate than either of them. The Challenger 1 performs well against infantry, light and medium-armored vehicles, but is at a disadvantage against the newer M1 Abrams and the FCS tanks in use with the various American factions. Overall, the Challenger 1's best equivalent is the M60 Patton.

Challenger 1

A Challenger 1 tank.

Statistics Edit

  • Unit Type: Heavy Armor
  • Availability: European Union
  • Cost:

Anti-Infantry Attack:

Anti-Vehicle Attack:

Anti-Air Attack:

Movement Range: 6

Fuel Supply:

Sight Range: 2

Target Range: 2


Behind the Scenes Edit

  • Within the EU, the Challenger 1 was exclusively used by the British Army. So while the actual nationality of some EU units may not always be clear (The Leopard 2 has been adopted by multiple EU members besides Germany), any Challenger 1's seen in game would belong to the British Army.
  • The Challenger 1 was the main battle tank of the British Army from 1983 to the mid-1990s, when it began to be replaced by the Challenger 2, and it left British Army service entirely in 2001. Since "Shattered Union" is set in 2014, it is odd that the British Army- the only military force in Europe ever to use the Challenger 1- contributed the older, out-of-service Challenger 1 to the EU's expeditionary force to North America but not the modern, in-service Challenger 2.

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