Alaska is an unplayable faction in Shattered Union.


Admitted into the Union in 1959, Alaska is the 49th state to join the United States of America. Amidst rising secessionist sentiment, Alaska's reaction and the desires of its people are unspecified as other states leave the United States. Early on in the Second American Civil War, Russia invades Alaska under President Nikolai Vladekov's personal direction. Vladekov, a former Soviet Army general and hard-line communist, is quoted to state in regards to the annexation: "Alaska was never really part of the former U.S., and Russia is only taking back its former territory."

Resistance to the Russian invasion did occur, but was scattered and disorganized, leaving the invasion relatively unopposed. Alaska remains under Russian occupation for however long the player takes to re-unify the former 50 states under their faction, and musters a force to drive the Russians out. Alaska is either liberated and joins the re-formed United States if the player's faction succeeds, or is successfully annexed into the Russian Federation if the player's faction fails.

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