Air units, or aircraft, are the most potent and expensive units in the game. Consisting of fighters and bombers, they offer the capability to turn the tide of any battle on the ground. Air units fly out of Airbases, and any air units deployed in a battle will be lost if a faction's Airbase is destroyed.

Helicopters Edit

  • Game manual description: "Helicopters combine the high mobility of a scout unit with the firepower of a main battle tank. Helicopters can move over any kind of terrain without penalty, and don’t have to worry about any other ground obstacles such as mines. Helicopters usually excel in attacking ground targets and are very weak to air units, although the Super Cobra breaks this paradigm. The armor on most helicopters is light regardless, and they need to stay clear of ground AA units as well. With a high price tag, it would also be advisable to provide these units with defense against fighters as well. By exercising some care, helicopters can prove to be one of the most versatile and effective units on the battlefield."
  • Helicopters in the game are: Apache (US factions), Super Cobra (US factions), Warrior (US factions), Tiger (EU), Mangusta (EU), and Hind (RU).

Fighters Edit

  • Game manual description: "Fighter units can provide broad area air defense for your forces, and serve as very effective direct attack units against other air units. Fighters follow the special engagement rules as described in the previous aircraft section. While fighters can attack helicopters without much concern, attacking other fighters is always a risky affair since they also have such strong air attack abilities. Given the high price and general fragility of fighters, it would be wise to use them with discretion."
  • Fighters in the game are: JSF (US factions), Super Hornet (US factions), Typhoon (EU), Tornado (EU), MiG-35 Interceptor (RU).

Bombers Edit

  • Game manual description: "Where fighters can rule the sky, bombers can decimate any opponent that exists on the ground. With massive attack strength against ground targets and an unlimited range, bombers are the pinnacle of air to ground combat. Bombers share the same fragile nature as fighters, as well as the high cost. This means that just as much, if not more, care should be taken when sending them out on missions. Although bombers can attack hexes they cannot see, this venture is an extremely risky one at best. By using your ground forces to clear out enemy AA you can expose his force to your bombers and use them to the utmost effectiveness."
  • Bombers in the game are: Stealth Bomber (US factions), Thunderbolt (US factions), LA4 Nimrod (EU), and Bear (RU).

Behind the Scenes Edit

  • The Nimrod is not actually a bomber. It is a former maritime patrol, airborne early warning and electronic countermeasures aircraft and does not have anything like the bombing capabilities of the Stealth Bomber, Bear, or even the Thunderbolt.
  • Interestingly, though the former United States possessed far more B-52 Stratofortress strategic bombers than it did B-2 Spirit stealth bombers, the B-52 makes no appearance in the game.
  • The MiG-35 Interceptor is a fictional aircraft as shown, but a real aircraft by that designation was created a few years after the release of the game in 2005. The modern-day, real-life MiG-35 does not resemble the one shown in game and is actually just a modified and improved MiG-29.