The AMX-30 is a medium armor unit available to the European Union. Designed and built in France in the mid-1960s, it was replaced by the AMX Leclerc in 1993. It is the only real-world main battle tank classed as a medium, rather than heavy armor unit in the game.


An AMX-30 on an American highway.

Statistics Edit

  • Unit Type: Medium Armor
  • Availability: European Union
  • Cost: $32,000
  • Anti-Infantry Attack: 10
  • Anti-Vehicle Attack: 14
  • Anti-Aircraft Attack: 6
  • Defense Rating: 9
  • Hit Points: 18
  • Collateral Damage: 3
  • Sight Range: 3
  • Target Range: 2
  • Movement Range per turn: 7
  • Fuel Supply: 45

Analysis Edit

The AMX-30 is an old and outdated tank, using a design that goes back to the 1960s. As its stats show, it is capable of taking on newer and better tanks with some chance of success, but like the T-55, another outdated tank of similar size and weight, the AMX-30 is unlikely to go into a battle against the game's more modern MBTs without taking significant casualties.

Among the game's Medium Armor units, the AMX-30 is unique, as it is the only one that was designed as a main battle tank rather than a specialized light tank as the M8 and Sheridan are. The AMX-30 is ill-suited to taking on the newer, better and heavier tanks in the game, but it can still be useful in certain roles. It can serve as a reserve unit, covering the rear areas in case of attack, and in battles against Medium or Light Armor units the AMX-30 can engage on more or less equal terms to its opponents.

On the offensive, the AMX-30 is viable as an armored reconnaissance unit. It offers the ability to move quickly ahead of the main force to seek out the enemy, but without being as lightly-armored and armed as a faster recon unit, the the Vodnik, VBL-1 or the Humvee.

Behind the Scenes Edit

  • The AMX-30 is the only French main battle tank featured in the game. It is also the only MBT classified as Medium Armor, as all other MBTs in-game are classified as Heavy Armor.
  • With a movement range of 7 hex spaces per turn, the AMX-30 is the fastest main battle tank in the game, surpassing the T-90, Abrams, and FCS Jackson, all three of which have a movement range of 6.
  • The AMX-30 weighs 36 tons, the same weight of a T-55 tank. Despite this- and the fact that both are comparable MBTs from a similar era in the Cold War, the AMX-30 is considered a medium armor unit while the T-55 is classed as heavy.
  • The AMX-30 left service with the French Army in 1993, and was also removed from service by the armies of Spain and Greece prior to the release of "Shattered Union" in 2005. No other member of the EU was using the AMX-30 as of 2005 or the game's setting in 2014, so why the AMX-30 appears and not the AMX Leclerc is a mystery.